Defining perfect life goals

Step 2: It's brainstorming time!

What should my goals be?

Improving your area of focus

Once you've narrowed down the area of your life you want to work on next. It can be a challenge to unpack and define what you really want to achieve. Now is the time for some serious brainstorming. The sky is the limit! Here you need to assess our goals and your options from every angle to whittle it down the ideal path.

The Sharing Hangover is here to help you define the perfect goals that will enable you to achieve the change you want & need.

To help you kick of this journey I recommend two things.
1. Have a read through the related blog posts &
2. Get started on your free goal setting templates.

Is being change averse holding you back? 

Once you have your focus and you have decided on your goal. The next step is to brainstorm the different options you have to meet your goal. Find out how to find the perfect option here.

Why did I make a terrible dance teacher?

It is important to take the time to self-reflect when refining your goals to ensure you understand your objective perfectly and can choose the correct path.

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